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VET mobility for individuals

Constant and regular contact with your project partner is one of the keys to preparing a successful project!

Quick answers – our team will reply to your questions in less than 48 hours

Flexibility – we adapt to your timetable for a Skype meeting

Languages – you can write to us in English or in German


Constant and regular contact with your project partner is one of the keys to preparing a successful project!


Skype interview with participants: meet your EuroCompetent Mentor, tell us your work placement preferences,

Facebook group to solve doubts: get in touch with your Mentor to clear out any doubts

Informative Package: receive useful information with tips on Spanish work culture, lifestyle, weather, transport, etc.

Preparation of Learning Agreements:EuroCompetent will happily take care of all Erasmus + paperwork


24/7 availability: if you have any urgent problem, you can contact our emergency number at any time.

Welcome day: go through your first days in Croatia with the help of the EuroCompetent team

Monitoring visits: have regular meetings with your host tutor and EuroCompetent team to evaluate your work progress

One-to-one sessions with the EuroCompetent mentor: discuss your progress and get the feedback

Dissemination meetings: promote your project achievements. EuroCompetent will dedicate 1 hour per week to help you spread the news.


Certification - To validate the acquired skills you will receive the following documentation...

Training Certificate

Europass Mobility Certificate

ECVET Transcript

Linguistic Certificate

EuroCompetent Final Report


Include in the project the final host organizations in which the participants will do their internships.

PIC numbers of partner companies

Detailed descriptions of host companies

Day by day training programmes

Learning outcomes to be gained through the internship in Croatia

Contracts signed between euroMind and host organisations


Why not gain a new perspective on teaching by job shadowing a Croatian teacher from your VET field?

Learn new methods of teaching.

Get to know the everyday school life.

Analise materials and handbooks used.

Sense the students – teachers’ relationship dynamic.

Experience for yourself teaching in another country

...and MORE

Organizing music and theater performances

Translation services

Organizing trips and excursion

Booking service

Training courses

Training and education in culture

Research and development in social studies and art