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EuroCompetent Story

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Teaching our students is not about content of knowledge any more. It is about preparing them for successful future and life.
The learners should be provided with essential skills and practice they will need in their career.
Modern teachers should be able to value process over product and  students’ abilities and achievements.

Additionally, they should implement critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity.
Motivation and approach to learning outcomes have great impact on students’ results

Entrepreneurial skills are becoming more and more in focus of modern society.

Although it is mainly associated with economy, production and earning money, the skills which make an entrepreneur successful businessman are important in any aspect of our lives.

Social entrepreneurship and environmentally friendly economy are another aspects for young people who are going to get employed one day . Teachers in Europe are working to sustain the Education systems and have the key role as educators, mentors, coaches and advisors depending on the students and on the context they live.

Education and teaching process cannot be imagined without digitalisation and modern technology any more.

Yet, are all teachers equally competent to apply modern technology in their work,? Can day follow the development of modern technology? Are they acquainted with tools that are at their disposal?
All this and much more can be improved during the training course.